Sign the petition to stop the widespread distribution of “chemical abortions” throughout the State of Minnesota

Pharmacies and clinics across the United States have begun to dispense mifepristone and misoprostol to women wanting to abort their child through what is commonly referred to as a “chemical abortion”. It is not clear at this time if or where pharmacies in Minnesota have begun dispensing, but national chains like Walgreens and CVS have been introducing this practice in other locations. It is presumed they and others are or will be dispensing chemical abortions here in Minnesota. (read below to learn more)


We, the undersigned request that your clinic or pharmacy do not participate in the practice of providing mifepristone and misoprostol to women as an abortifacient. If you do, we will no longer patronize your business and we will inform family, friends, and neighbors of your practices.

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What is a “chemical abortion”?

A “chemical abortion is a two-step process taken over two to three days (sometimes less) days.  On day one, mifepristone is orally taken in pill form. The purpose of this pill is to starve the baby of progesterone, thus killing the child.  On the second day, a second pill is taken, misoprostol, which induces labor. This is not what is referred to as the “morning after pill”. That is a different prescription given within 24 hours of unprotected sex. Chemical abortions are primarily prescribed up to 11 weeks gestation but have been given at later weeks of development.

Implications of this are serious. For example, what happens if the pills are not taken according to instructions? What happens when a woman receives the pills but out of worry waits a month to take them? What if a friend requests them saying they are pregnant but gives them to a different pregnant person? Remember, in Minnesota, there is no parental notification. Also, there are no safeguards to follow up once a woman receives the pills. This procedure is violent and risky for all women taking it.

You can make a difference!

Clinics and pharmacies are attempting to discreetly provide these pills disguised as women’s reproductive health. We ask you sign the petition below. As we identify clinics and pharmacies providing chemical abortions in your region, we will let you know. To sign the petition, we ask for your name, email address, and city. You can opt in with your cell phone number if you would like to receive a text, but it is not required. Your information will not be shared with the clinics, pharmacies, or any other organization or individual outside of PLAM Action. You will only receive notice by us as we identify clinics and pharmacies doing this practice. We will be reaching out to clinics and pharmacies asking if they are doing this, telling them local citizens will be notified.

Join us in the fight!