It Doesn’t Take Much

“That’s all I had to do? But I barely did anything!” Those were my thoughts when I realized that I had just saved my first baby. Many pro-lifers think that to sidewalk counsel you need to be conversational, extroverted, fearless, or any number of other qualities. I can tell you that I am none of these qualities. I am by nature very introverted and timid. Yet, despite my natural disposition, I had my first confirmed baby saved a few months ago. While sidewalk counseling, I approached a car that was entering the driveway of an abortion facility and motioned for them to roll down their window. They slowed down and took the two pamphlets I held out—one outlines the facts about abortion and prenatal life and the other lists free resources. As they took them I said, “This is for you to read before you go in.” That was all I could say before the Planned Parenthood escort was at the car yelling at them to move into the parking lot. The car drove into the parking lot, dropped off a girl, and drove out. I honestly didn’t take note of the car because so many cars had been in and out that day, but I did notice when they came back to Planned Parenthood ten minutes later. This time, their windows were rolled down. The woman driving looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you for what you do. Keep it up.” I knew in that moment that that family just chose life for their baby. I also realized that I hadn’t done anything unusual or out of the ordinary. I hadn’t had a long conversation. I hadn’t loaded them up with pamphlets and fetal models. I’d simply given them two pamphlets, told them to read them, and offered them my prayers from the corner of the driveway.

These families don’t need a perfect counselor; they need your love. If we ask, God will make up for what we lack. It doesn’t take much to stand and pray on the sidewalk. It doesn’t take much to give someone a pamphlet and tell them to read it before they walk into the clinic. God doesn’t ask us to be perfect; He asks us to do our best with what He’s given us.

By Lucy Maloney

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